Proficiency of Health Care Informatics Faculty

Health care informatics faculty or faculty for medical informatics is a key-person in courses such as Post Graduate (PG) Diploma in Healthcare Informatics, Certificate in Medical Informatics or Degree in Health care Informatics. How the faculty of medical informatics differs from rest of the lecturers is because of having two extensive domains’ knowledge -medical or healthcare and information technology. There are several courses as offered by institutes, universities and colleges about computers in medical field that require medical domain expert with knowledge of computers as lecturer or faculty.The purpose of these courses is to teach various computer applications those are used in medical field. Also, the learners are taught with computer languages such as HTML, C#, JAVA, XML in order to develop software for health care or medical purpose. Examples for such software include HIS (Hospital Information System), NIS (Nursing Information System), LIS (Laboratory Information System), and RIS (Radiology Information System) etc. Qualified healthcare informatics diploma graduate, known as medical informatics functional consultant, would play a crucial role in developing medical software.The faculty for medical information technology (MIT) possesses sound knowledge of hospital workflow as he is experienced in the field of health care. Knowing the workflow of the hospital or health care center (such as OPD, IPD, Operation Theatre etc.) is one of the modules taught in medical informatics course. This is to introduce the hospital or health care environment to non-medical persons attending the course. Unless the enthusiast does not know about how patient is tackled, it is difficult to build any health care system. The faculty is expected to have knowledge about computer languages such as C#, JAVA, HTML, and XML etc. in addition to medical standards such as HL7, DICOM and SNOMED-CT and ICD.The faculty of health care information system has experience in teaching people from all walks of life without any difficulties. The medium of instruction is English and the lecturer is well versed with MS PowerPoint and other computer applications used as effective teaching tools. Such faculties are available on contract basis or many computer institutes or colleges may prefer to employ them on a full time basis.Medical informatics course faculty is also expected to assist in laboratory where the students are exposed to various computer applications used in medical field. Electronic Health Records (EHR), Personal Health Record (PHR) and Hospital Information System (HIS) are few of the examples generally practiced in MIT lab.

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