Become a Millionaire – Wealth Creation Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset

Do you wish you were independently rich? Well shall I reveal some deep millionaire secrets that will help you create and fashion the future of your dreams? Yes, it’s entirely possible for you to learn to become a millionaire by using the same wealth creation methods used by the world’s richest elite.Little known millionaire secrets, knowledge and the simple techniques they guard so jealously because they can thrust your own wealth quotient into the stratosphere to enable you to join their ranks and believe me, they don’t want the competition.GoalsIf you research how to develop the millionaire mindset, you’ll find that setting long- and short-range goals always comes highly recommended.It is said that for enduring wealth creation, it is necessary to set and develop firm goals.If you write down and read your goals every day, you will soon notice what’s called ‘an upturn in your vision of the future’. This vision will draw you towards it and things will start to happen. If you take advantage of those ‘things’ as they come along, you will gradually move towards your chosen goals.This is one of the most basic wealth secrets of the millionaire mind.Back to BrokeBut how is it we can achieve great success, even become a millionaire and yet somehow blow it all? End up broke again?Something mysterious can happen that loosens our grip on what we’ve built up and it can all slip through our fingers. We may find ourselves sliding down a great, long snake to end up right back at square one.Why does such self-defeating behaviour occur? What are the causes of these undesirable phenomena?If you do not do what I’m about to share with you, you will come to a sticking point and go no further. Oh, your millionaire mindset will still be intact but ‘something’ will start to feel funny. Strange.Ring Any Bells?Maybe this rings a few bells?For instance, this strange feeling will cause you to say to yourself “I’m okay as I am. What’s the point in going further? It’s only money…”If, after this, you persist in moving forward, you’ll start saying things like “I don’t need all this money. In fact, I’m feeling flush so I think I’ll treat myself…”After this, let’s say your business activities start to produce very good results. At this point, you may find yourself starting to blow money like it’s going out of fashion. You may also make ‘accidental’ mistakes that cost you. You may become over-generous. Less wary of speed cameras. Pay less attention to your overdraft. Neglect your customers…In short, you’ll find ways to offload this ‘extra money’ on fruitless activities and ‘accidents’ rather than investing it wisely for the future.How Can This Be Possible?Why would you do this? Well……it’s NOT because you don’t believe that you’re worth it….it’s NOT because you lied when you were seventeen….it’s NOT because your mother or father withheld their approval….it is NOT because you are predisposed to a life of struggle….it IS because of your memories!For example, think of that friend of yours who you keep making excuses not to go and see any more. The real reason you don’t see them is because of your last memory of what happened with them.Influence of Memories¬†¬†It was the very last memory of that person that makes you think up excuses not to go. If your last memory of that person was of pleasure then you would be making excuses TO go.See? You can’t sit down and close your eyes and imagine it being pleasurable to go and see them because your brain knows the difference between real memories and made up visualisations. (Visualisations inspire you. Memories control you.)Rubbish!So your mind says “RUBBISH! We rowed and he said this and he was out of order. He should apologise. Not me!”So you don’t go… and what’s more, this reasoning is perfectly logical!But if you DID go and see him, you’d probably find that he was sorry and you’d sort it all out and soon become firm friends again.But your mind won’t allow it because your last memory of that person is very unpleasant. In other words, a negative experience. In order to become a millionaire and to remain a millionaire, it is necessary to deepen your understanding of this and other negative emotions that can block your path to ongoing wealth creation.Compelled to OvercomeAnother secret of the millionaire mindset is that in order to create and retain wealth, we are compelled to overcome all unconscious forces that trigger negative responses and behaviours that affect our business.The negative sequence described above actually represents an outmoded survival mechanism. If you meet someone who threatens you, then your last memories of them are bad and you will avoid that person (and people like them). That person (or type of person) then has less chance of doing anything harmful to you.This mechanism may have been very useful back in the day when we were killing each other in violent cave raids for food. Happily, things are different now. But the brain hasn’t caught up yet and this stuff still acts upon us in the same way as it did in our long gone caveman days.So, even today, we all still have these ancient unconscious drives.Two Million YearsFor two millions years, women have chosen their men for their ability to remember who their enemies are. If a woman chose a man who was ‘forgiving’ regardless of what people had done to him or his family, then her offspring would be much less likely to survive.So the genes of the men who were best at doing this were passed down to us all though our common gene pool. To answer the question that probably just occurred to you, no, we can’t switch off this mechanism. It just carries on its workings – absolutely automatically!But you CAN make it work FOR you.Before I tell you how to make it work – but in your favour – you need to understand exactly how the mechanism works…How it WorksIf someone makes you feel good then your memories of that person are also good. You will make any flimsy excuse to see that person.But if that same person makes you feel bad then you go away with a bad feeling and… you PONDER for hours and hours over what happened.Am I right about the pondering or what?You spend hours thinking about that one time when they made you feel bad and hardly a second thinking about the good things they made you feel before. This makes the bad memory huge in your awareness and it becomes the main thing you think about when you think about that person.What Went Wrong?Your brain does this because it needs to work out what went wrong… which is a good thing… but it causes you to make excuses not to see them and so you don’t experience any good things from that person.The point here is… you spent a long time thinking about the bad things that caused you to make excuses not to go and hardly any time thinking about the good things that caused you to make excuses TO go.So you don’t go. No matter what anyone says. This means you have a strong mechanism. (Women call it stubbornness but it is an essential survival strategy for men. Interestingly, women say they hate stubborn men but the reality is that they choose stubborn men to have children with because deep down, their unconscious mind tells them it means their offspring have a far greater chance of survival.)However, when the bad memories of that person fade, you start to remember the good things and at that point, you start making excuses to go and see them again.”Water under the bridge”, you may say.If the bad memory was too bad, you never ‘get over it’.I’m not saying that you should go round to your enemy’s house. I’m saying that this mechanism is controlling your actions.Same With Financial GoalsNow (and I’m glad you’ve been patient with me so far), it works exactly the same with financial goals. But there are two sides to this particular coin. Even though you may not have achieved millionaire status yet, you still have memories of being broke (we all do) and you also have memories of having lots of money too (or at least feeling rather flush).You will have good and bad memories of each. For example, if you were broke once, you will have felt awful about talking to the bank and putting off your bills, etc. and you will also remember how your friends were all extra nice to you. But one memory will dominate the other. The one you spent the most time thinking about.If you were loaded (or flush) at some point in your life then you will have been on cloud nine, buying expensive clothes and stuff, but your friends may have been a bit hostile. Jealous.Yes?I’m not saying that if your friends were hostile when you had money that you will never get rich, I’m saying that you have those memories. Good AND bad.I’m also saying that the extent to which you thought about those events when they happened is the extent to which you think about them now.Thoughts Can Keep You Stuck!!!!And those thoughts can keep you stuck wherever you are now – financially. It’s not you. It’s not your spouse. It’s not your upbringing. It’s not even the economy… no, with your new millionaire mindset you now understand that it’s the memories of having money and of having no money that you think about the most.If you spent a lot of time thinking about how your friends were really nice to you when you were broke and how funny (weird, not ha ha) they were when you were flush then you will hover just above ‘enough’.If you spent a lot of time thinking about the embarrassment of being broke and also a lot of time thinking about how good it felt to be flush then you will automatically do the things to make your finances rise.ControlThe point we need to grasp is the necessity to gain control over our thoughts so they influence our behaviour positively and not negatively.

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